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  • Aries Daily Horoscope for November 28, 2014
    You're at your best when you're at the vanguard of a new project or movement -- so today should be just about perfect! Your leadership makes all the difference when people need direction.
  • Taurus Daily Horoscope for November 28, 2014
    Things are getting pretty weird today -- but you don't have to go along with it all. Just take a deep breath and patiently explain why you're not going to deal with their whimsy just now.
  • Gemini Daily Horoscope for November 28, 2014
    Your personal energy is resonating with some foreign location -- it may be time to plan a trip! If you're actually away from home now, you should be having the time of your life. Work it!
  • Cancer Daily Horoscope for November 28, 2014
    You're sure to deal with some strange issues today -- so make sure that you're using that left brain to handle your replies. Others are hyper-logical and may not respond well to appeals to emotion.
  • Leo Daily Horoscope for November 28, 2014
    You're about to learn a valuable lesson -- but it's not that much fun. Your energy is in place to move beyond an important attachment, and you should feel much better once this is all behind you.
  • Virgo Daily Horoscope for November 28, 2014
    You've got to experiment a little if you want to learn anything new today -- and that's easy! Everyone seems to be doing it, in fact, so you may find it's a good idea to jump on the bandwagon for once.
  • Libra Daily Horoscope for November 28, 2014
    New ideas and ways of thinking come naturally to you today -- creative energy is yours for the taking! It's easy to shift gears and head out in new directions, too, so make the most of this freedom.
  • Scorpio Daily Horoscope for November 28, 2014
    A radical idea pops into your head early today and might shake things up in a big way. You need to make sure that you're pushing it as far as it will go, or the opportunity could be wasted.
  • Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for November 28, 2014
    A creative idea bursts into your brain and helps you to see how things really are -- and it might even lead to a whole new way of approaching your life. However it pans out, you should be energized.
  • Capricorn Daily Horoscope for November 28, 2014
    A carefully crafted plan doesn't quite come off perfectly today -- but that's mostly thanks to wild, unpredictable factors you couldn't possibly have accounted for. Just roll with it and do your best.
  • Aquarius Daily Horoscope for November 28, 2014
    You should find yourself at least one step closer to your next big thing. It's easier than ever for you to express your ambition and to find new ways to get ahead. Bring a friend -- it's more fun that way!
  • Pisces Daily Horoscope for November 28, 2014
    You're feeling even wiser than usual -- even though you're also feeling quite confused. Holding on to those two at the same time brings a calm and depth of understanding you haven't experienced before.

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