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  • Aries Daily Horoscope for November 25, 2014
    You're using people to your advantage today -- but you're not hurting them, so your karmic debt stays the same. If anything, you may be able to use this energy to help others!
  • Taurus Daily Horoscope for November 25, 2014
    Your energy is terrific -- but not excessive. If you can just engage in low-key fun with friends and family, that's all you really need. If you have to work hard, try to keep it brief.
  • Gemini Daily Horoscope for November 25, 2014
    You may get taken by surprise when a friend or family member suddenly starts bossing you around. There may not be much you can do about it for now, but try to regain your position soon.
  • Cancer Daily Horoscope for November 25, 2014
    Your energy is definitely at one pole or another -- so expect a day full of extremes! That may start to feel exhausting after a bit, so try to get some down time later in the day or maybe tomorrow.
  • Leo Daily Horoscope for November 25, 2014
    You know what you need -- and while it may not be all that easy to get, you should still be able to make some progress if you get going today. Let your ambition guide the way to success.
  • Virgo Daily Horoscope for November 25, 2014
    Your day is more fun than usual, thanks to an influx of positive energy that starts to really flow by midafternoon. You may be surprised by someone who makes a romantic gesture later on.
  • Libra Daily Horoscope for November 25, 2014
    A new limit pops up and takes you by surprise -- so do your best to accept it and move on. Sometimes constraints can boost creativity, and this may very well be one of those times.
  • Scorpio Daily Horoscope for November 25, 2014
    You need to make some smart financial deals today -- and you've got the right kind of mental energy to do just that. Things may start to get a little sweeter as you pass through this phase.
  • Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for November 25, 2014
    Artistic matters are quite appealing, and you should find that things start to make more sense as you read the world like a poem or start swaying to your own internal beat. Enjoy!
  • Capricorn Daily Horoscope for November 25, 2014
    Good news pops into your inbox today -- possibly rather late. Your great energy helps you capitalize on this and make a big push toward something new and wonderful. Enjoy the vibe!
  • Aquarius Daily Horoscope for November 25, 2014
    It's one of those days that requires an open mind -- and fortunately, you're in possession of one of the best! It's still hard to handle all the weirdness as it goes down, but you should manage.
  • Pisces Daily Horoscope for November 25, 2014
    You've got to help out around the house, the workplace or anywhere else you find yourself -- but it adds to your energy instead of wearing you down. Keep at it until everything is in its place.

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