Garbage In, Garbage Out! The role of movies in society

The outrage grows; kill the rapists, castrate them in public, do this, do that and the girl who was gang-raped, continues to struggle with death to stay alive a few more hours. (In the recesses of my mind, a thought refuses to leave: that the girl is already dead, but that's a different topic for a different blog.)

There are vigils being held and tweets from every celeb you can imagine. Some celebs have recommended that women leave India because they aren't safe in India. But you know what, these are the same celebs who are acting in and producing films, and shows that depict women in a poor light.

Bollywood films routinely show lead actor pursuing the lead actress, with cronies edging the actor on, and the girl although harassed eventually falls in love with the harassing actor.  Who hasn't seen the "item girl" songs where every creep in town is salivating vulgar gestures and songs with vulgar innuendos? Films with item girls gyrating vulgarly to "Zandu Baam" and "Sheila ki Jawani" are grossing gazillions and yet we don't think there's anything wrong with watching those films.

But the media can't be blamed singularly. It is true that they are feeding GARBAGE and ROMANTICIZING behavior that can only be termed vulgar. But there are several systemic problem in India. Lack of education. Lack of fear of the legal system. And the caste and class system that highlights the differences between the rich and the poor.  The corrupt government and its lack of focus on uplifting the poor or creating a better system is another problem.

Education is a must. Rooting out the corrupt government is another must. But instilling a fair legal system in which severe punishment for crimes is consistently handed out is the 1st step. By creating a deep fear of the consequences, criminals will think ten times before committing vicious acts of violence like what Nirbhaya faced..

Crime happens everywhere. But in a country where criminals have no fear of the legal system, crime is unstoppable.  And so unless a deep fear of consequences is instilled, we won't be able to get rapists and hardened criminals off the streets. Finally, media needs to we've got to CREATE socially responsible films and shows. Enough is enough! Let's stop the Garbage In, Garbage Out cycle.