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  • Friday, Oct 04,2013
  • Thursday, Dec 31,2020
  • 4555 Investment Drive,Suite#304 Troy, MI 48098
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Troy, Michigan (Headquarters)
5480 Corporate Drive
Suite 100
Troy, MI 48098

Main: 248.641.7400 
Fax: 248.641.7405
Flint, Michigan- Oak Creek Office Park
2387 S Linden Road
Suite 116
Flint , MI 48532

Main: 810.223.0930
Fax: 810.223.0931


About Us:

LJPR Financial Advisors is a fee-only financial advisor and wealth management firm that specializes in retirement planning, investment management, estate planning and tax planning. We have been providing financial services to our clients since 1989 and our staff of professionals offers a diverse and complete range of services. Our roots are in education; one of our first jobs was educating Ford Union members about 401(k) and retirement plans. From there, we have gone on to educate hundreds of other companies’ employees, and most recently have built our own classroom at our headquarters in Troy, Michigan to provide interactive live classes and webinars. A wide array of classes includes retirement, social security and estate planning along with employee financial education on 401(k) and 403(b) plans, economic outlooks and more.

Beyond our official work, LJPR Pride gives us an avenue to do another kind of work. Through LJPR Pride, we invite you to expand your knowledge through events and resources that enrich and benefit our communities.