Kashmiri embroidered Shawls Strolls Scarves Wraps

  • Saturday, Jan 25,2014
  • Thursday, Dec 31,2020
  • shawls2strolls@gmail.com


BEAUTIFUL KASHMIRI SHAWLS and STROLLS For SALE in all colors -black, navy blue, brown,maroon, red, green,camel color, off white , white, pink, baige and much more.Suitable for all age group from teens to seniors. Brand new Kashmiri Shawls and strolls beautifully hand embroidered with elegance. Pure wool Shawls fully hand embroidered $ 40/- each NOW $ 35/- EACH Semi Pashmina strolls with Kashmiri crewel embroidery $ 50/- each NOW $ 45/-EACH Semi Pashmina shawls with Kashmiri crewel embroidery $ 65/- each NOW $ 60/- EACH Located near BAPS and Gurudwara @ Canton MI Please Mail for further details at shawls2strolls@gmail.com Checkout the photos on :- http://detroit.craigslist.org/wyn/clo/4279632717.html