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Pioneers in BA Trainings Course content of Business Analyst (BA) with Data modeling _____________________________________ This course aims to provide participants with the solid experience and know-how to work as Business Analyst in various domains like Banking, HealthCare, Finance, and Product. This course has been developed for real-world scenarios with in-depth explanations .IIBA certification guidance. See below for detailed syllabus. ______________________________________________________________________________ Course Content Introduction  Importance of BA in the industry  Roles and Responsibilities of BA  Skills required for the role  Deliverables of a BA  How is the current market for BA SDLC  What is a Software project  What is SDLC  Different phases of SDLC  SDLC models –Water fall,Agile,Spiral,Scrum,RAD,JAD,Rup and etc.  How as a BA we get involved in different phases of SDLC Requirement Engineering  What is Requirement Engineering  Problems with Requirement Practices  Different Requirement Engineering Tasks  Processes to be followed to gather requirements CONTACT US: Email: Tel: 347 625 6179 AUDIENCE: Business Analysts, QA Analysts, Domain/ Functional consultants OBJECTIVE: A branded program suite which provides knowledge, skill and attitude required for Business Analysts. This suite of program covers all aspects of Business engineering, Requirements elicitation, Requirements verification, Requirements documentation and Requirements tracing. This brochure provides a high level description of the Business Analyst training program offered by Training Camp BA. The intent of the training is to enable  Typical questions to be asked to the business team while gathering requirements  Requirement reeengineering Project Case Study  An example project to discuss a real life scenario  How the requirement engineering concepts can be implemented in an example project.  Real life scenarios to discuss each concept Use Cases  What is a Use Case  Different sections of a use case document  How to prepare a use case document  Use Case Templates  Real life example of a use case document  Assignment on Use Case document Requirement Prioritization  Why to prioritize requirements  Factors to consider while prioritizing requirements  Participants of Requirement Prioritization  Process to follow while prioritizing requirements  Requirement Prioritization Model Traceability Matrix  Purpose of Traceability  Significance of Traceability  What is Traceability Matrix  Why it is use  How traceability matrix is use to do Gap Analysis System Quality Attributes  What are System Quality Attributes  What are the various SQA  UML Diagrams(class,state,interaction) Non Functional Requirements  What are non functional requirements  What is the significance of non functional requirements  How the non functional requirements are gathered  Non functional requirements document template System Requirement Specification  What is a SRS document  What are the various sections of SRS document  How a SRS document is prepared  SRS document template ER diagrams with indepth scenarious. Flow Chart  What is flow chart diagram  Different symbols used in a Flow chart diagram  How flow chart diagram is used in a software project  How flow chart diagrams can be draws using Microsoft Visio  Real life example of a flow chart diagram Wireframes or Mock-ups  What is a wireframe  Why is wireframe used  How a wireframe can be drawn using Microsoft Visio  An example wireframe Software Development Methodologies  What are the various software development methodologies  Pros and cons of each of the methodologies  How as a BA we get involved in the different methodologies  Which are the most popular methodologies  Detail discussion on Agile methodology DATA MODELING Testing  Basic concepts of Software testing  Different types of testing  Difference between Manual and automation testing  Various levels of software testing  Testing artifacts  Step by step process of software testing  Test case document  Real life example of a test case document  Role of a BA during testing Project Management concepts: Roles and responsibilities of a project manager What can be the involvement of BA in Project Planning Data Modeling and Database Management system  What is data modeling  What is entity and attributes  What are relationships  What is ERD  Basic concepts of Database management systems  Master and Transaction tables  Primary Key  Basics of SQL UML  What is UML  Why it is used  UML Diagrams (Activity, Use Case) MS Visio and SQL Server 2012 essentials for BA Conclusion  Certification guidence and Support on IIBA syllabus  Common BA questions asked in an interview  How to answer the interview questions  Mock Interview  Any Questions  Tacking the next -- Resume and getting a job Contact us Email: Phone: 347-626-6179