Selenium Online Training with Automated Web Testing

Automated Web Testing with Selenium In this course you will learn how to use Selenium to write automated tests for web application and how to create a basic web application testing framework. Quontra Solutions online training provides with an in-depth intention to deliver quality online training in selenium tool which is the most industry driven automation tool Creating automated tests for a web application can be challenging. Two of the biggest barriers to getting started are picking an automation tool and developing a framework for writing the tests. This course explores how to use the popular browser automation framework, Selenium, to create automated tests for web applications. We will examine using Selenium to directly record from within a Firefox browser, as well as using C# to automate the web browser using Selenium's API. Attend Free Demo before joining the course. Gain hands on Real time project work Experience from experienced professionals to land into IT jobs Quontra Solutions Email: Call Us: US: +1 (404)-900-9988. UK: (20) 3734 1498.