Stop relocation of Telangana secretariat

Honorable ESL Narasimhan garu
Governor of Telangana
Plans are ongoing to shift Telangana secretariat to the existing chest hospital at Erragadda.
This decision is taken unilaterally without consensus or consultations and is not based on scientific or economic rationale and seems to satisfy beliefs and sentiments of a few.
Majority of people in India believe in family and faith, everyone has a right to their own beliefs, this is not to undermine vastu or its believers but an attempt to fairly deliberate and question the relocation in a new state just coming to terms with administration and justify foisting of personal beliefs on society at large.
Vastu maybe science for believers and superstition for non-believers; this is not a debate about vastu but about the timing and validity of this unnecessary move involving public money without popular support.
Displacement of administrative framework and reestablishment of the same at a different location to rectify only Vaasthu deficits, defies economic logic and does not seem utilitarian (bring greatest possible good for the greatest possible number of individuals).
It is my opinion that majority of Telangana state residents do not approve this move and I wish to mobilize your support to convince and pressure the administration to revoke its plans for relocation.
Please sign this petition and share it with like-minded folks to amplify the impact and force the decision makers to view the world from the perspective of other people.
“Those who stand for nothing fall for anything”
Please take a stand, sign my petition.

Dr.T. Ram Mohan Reddy
Congress MLA Parigi, Telangana State