TANA Conference 2015 in Detroit Michigan - Games and Sports Competitions

The 20th TANA Detroit Convention team is overjoyed to announce that 2015 "DhimTANA" competitions to be held across North America (including CANADA). The talent categories for "DhimTANA" competition include dancing, singing and Miss Teen/Miss/Mrs TANA.
For the first time in TANA history this competition is being extended to 16 cities (including CANADA) and launching the new talent category of TANA beauty pageant contests. We will be collaborating with TV9 to promote and telecast all the contests and showcase the world class talent house of North America.
The local finalists will get an opportunity to compete in National competition in Detroit during the 20th TANA Detroit Convention (July 2nd, 3rd and 4th 2015)
For More Information Visit: http://www.tana2015.org/committee/games-sports-committee.html