DevOps Bootcamp Online Training

Vibloo is one kind of platform for eLearning and Teaching, It Provides Online, Video and Classroom Training and Classes for Any type of Course We provide online training to students and employees all over the world. We have the latest screen and voice sharing software /applications through which the trainees can communicate with the trainers. DevOps Online Training DevOps is growing increasingly important as organizations migrate to cloud computing and virtual servers. And as the automation of development, deployment and quality assurance tasks becomes more integral to operations, earning DevOps certification can help you stand out from the pack. In this path, DevOps and IT professionals can find DevOps training courses on AWS, big data, Google Cloud Platform, and more. DevOps Training is good for those who have excellent communication skills, interested in learning coding and troubleshooting skills. Course Outline • DevOps and Software Development Life Cycle • DevOps main objectives • Infrastructure As A Code • Overview of Chef & its architecture • Cookbooks, Recipes, Roles, Environment, Data Bags • Chef installation, Configurations with examples • Distributed version control using Git • Git arcitecture & SCM terminologies • Branching, Stash, commit, Bisect using Git • Git Installation & configuration • Continuous Integration with Jenkins Overview • Jenkins installation & Configuration • Setting up Nodes, various Jobs • Practical examples of different type of jobs & its configuration • Need of Infrastructure Monitoring • Nagios Installation & configuration • Setting server groups & events for checks • Reviewing Nagios Dashboard • Perl Fundamentals • Perl data structures • Perl loops & conditions • Perl subroutines • Using perl modules For Complete Course Overview and to a book demo @ Contact Us to Know More Details Vibloo | Phone: +1-248-436-8449 Email id: Skype id: info.vibloo