BollyFit at Central City Dance

The Essence of BollyFit Approach to Health, Wellness, and Mindfulness BollyFit is about more than burning calories; it's more than the tedious drone of an exercise routine. BollyFit helps you shed weight inside AND out with an emphasis on mindfulness and being aware of one's place in the world. Happiness comes from within, so BollyFit classes utilize conscious choreography to make each session a meditative experience. Each class, you can smile while you sweat and you'll feel happier and healthier at the same time. Additionally, the BollyFit health and wellness mentality spreads beyond the studio. With delicious, unique, and healthy recipes, the BollyFit Foods section can help you feel great every day. Plus, the BollyFit community welcomes input from all members, so the recipes are an accumulation of everything our students and guides love! With blogs and notes about mindfulness, the BollyFit community supports total health and wellness, and we invite you to utilize all of our resources to feel great! Be Fit, Have Fun, and Illuminate from Within! WWW.BOLLYFIT.COM