MSU Indian Students Organization presents DRAMAYAN

The annual cultural fest of the MSU Indian Students Organization, Sargam has grown from being a small event taking place within the confines of the

MSU campus to a musical/histrionic extravaganza that the MSU community looks forward to year after year. Sargam 2012 draws inspiration from one of India?s most ancient epics, Ramayana, the story of victory of goodness over evil. It?s a quirky rendition, with the storyline inspired by the events of Ramayana, thus named as DRAMAYAN. The story relies on how history repeats itself through various ages of our lives and how the characters are all fundamental to the cultural consciousness and yet they have evolved over the years. Sargam 2012 thus, explores the concepts of Indian culture, values with a hint of some old fashioned humor.

The tickets are priced at $10.00 for public and is free for students with MSU ID.

Venue details:

** Time: 5pm- 7pm
Date: Nov 18th 2012