Oracle,Java,Android,Datawarehous training Farmington,Novi,Livonia

Roja Venkat: 7346202889 Free IT Training from 20 years experienced developer.Please see the detail of training below. Assigned to live project from day 1,working with the team of developers at our development center in Chennai, India.Separate classes for OPT students and housewives with computer science/Math background.Minimum Math background required. Free Accommodation will be provided for the right candidate. New batch starting: Training will be given in steps as follows [Note: The below subjects may vary little bit] Step#1.Oracle SQL training The Subjects to be covered in the Oracle training DDL statements to create table structure and others DML statement to insert the values into the table SQL to fetch data from the table Little bit of SQLPLUS report Remaining Oracle Step#2. Oracle PL/SQL Step#3. Mini project using the Oracle SQL & PL/SQL Step#4. Crystal Reports 2011 Reports for the Mini project Step#5. Database design Step#6. Major Oracle project assignment If still looking for project then next step of training will continue from step 7 Step#7. Data warehouse concepts and design Step#8. Mini project in Data warehouse using Pl/SQL extracts Step#9. Data warehouse reports Step#10 Informatica Power Center Step#11. If still looking for projects then training will be given to create a basic website using HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT either Java or PHP will be taught from remote development center in Chennai India. Step#12 Android Development training from remote development center in Chennai India. Thanks Roja Venkat 734-620-2889 248-427-0183