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Passport – Fresh - Renewal – Loss n Damage, Passport for Single Parent Child, Correction of Age in Passport through Court, Loss n Damage of Educational Certificate, Birth Certificate – New – Correction – Child Name Entry, Death Certificate,  Legal Heir Certificate,  All Certificates Attestation - GAD & HRD, Saudi and other countries, NOC for four & two wheeler, Cancellation of NOC of Vehicles and other RTA Works.

Suit for declaration, Suit fo Specific performance{Agreement of Sale}, Suit for Partition, Suit for Rent Control Suit for Injunction, Legal Opinion offered - Family Property Dispute, Tenancy Matters, Documentation, Registration, Legal Opinion – High Court & Lower Court Matters.

Land Regularization, Submission n Follow-up, Building Permission / New Property Tax Assessment – Property Tax - Name Transfer / Mutation and Mutation of Agricultural Land, Layout Approval & NOC, Property Verification / Records from all departments, Trade Licence, Food Licence, Labour Licence, Firm Registration, Import & Export code, Company Registration - Blue Prints n Online Submission, GHMC Liaising Works and all related revenue services. More Services +919246598733  Masood Khan