Placement Testing and Registration for English Language Arts Program

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Swayam Learning will begin online placement testing for our English Language Arts program (grades 5-10) for the winter semester. Placement testing begins November 1. 

We offer live, real-time online class sessions, accessible via phone, tablet or desk/laptop. Our exclusive program consists of: Advanced English Writing, Reading Analysis, Grammar, Vocabulary, Critical Thinking, Oral Presentation, and General Knowledge preparation program!

Our interactive, instructional classes provide: 
** Weekly online meeting with the instructor for actual instruction of lessons.
** Additional but optional mid-week Q&A session with instructor
** Recorded meetings for reinforcement of concepts and/or missed class
** Weekly homework and online homework submission
** Weekly feedback on assignments and tests
** Access to communicating with instructor through the week via email
** 24/7 online curriculum content access
**Progress reports, report cards, and alignment to Core Standards 
**Oral presentations and reading discussions

No more hassles in making trips for testing, trips for appointments, and trips for payments. This entire process is now online to maximize convenience.  For details on the process, please visit "Registration" tab/page. 

See our schedules on our "Schedules" page and learn more about the benefits of our online classes:

See our "English Language Arts Program" page to learn more about our exclusive program. 

To sign up for the online placement test and evaluation appointment, fill out this form: Placement Test

Swayam Learning ( has been servicing the community for 15 years. Offering intensive, exclusive, and accelerated English Language Arts preparation for SAT/ACT, AP/IB/Honors curriculum, college and the public workforce. We teach students from grades 5-11.

We focus heavily on writing, analytical and critical thinking skills, research and general knowledge development, grammar, vocabulary, oral speaking and reading skills at each level each semester. We employ only certified/trained, degreed professionals in the field who actually teach and/or tutor in our classes. Interaction, feedback, discussion, and presentation are our weekly activities in our classes along with intensive homework and reading. 

Successful students at Swayam Learning are committed to their learning process and learn to develop self-efficacy and self-direction amidst high but achievable goals.

We offer a friendly but rigorous learning environment that focuses on intensive  learning advancement to boost students’ achievement. Our E-Level Program is: Interactive, inclusive teaching in small to medium-sized classes with a rigorous, accelerated curriculum that accommodates students’ range of skills to advance their mastery in the subject that is applicable across the curriculum in school and college.

At Swayam Learning, we believe that interactive and intensive teaching facilitates motivation and interest in students when learning meets their needs. Our classes are designed to meet students’ needs and levels of understanding while advancing and accelerating their skills and abilities to at least two grades higher than their current level. Our curriculum is never static; it is progressive. We are aiming at long-term learning and mastery of skills that will be the tools they can use across any curriculum or subject/discipline for school and college.

Our goal is to cover the gaps in learning, occurring in school in preparation for the exams and college. Thus, we support school instruction by providing additional exposure to advanced skills and concepts necessary for standardized exams and college preparation. We also support homeschooling efforts because our courses allow for a range of knowledge and skills in students while challenging them to apply current and new skills consistently and thoroughly.